So a little bit about ourselves and what our goal is.... Our names are Jaison and Lejini Roy. We have been married for three years now. Jaison grew up in Kerala, India, went to college in New York and moved out to Austin for work as an engineer. Lejini was born in UAE but grew up in Chicago and moved down to Austin after getting married and works as a dental hygienist.

So how did a guy in Austin and a girl in Chicago meet? To put it simply...we met online. Did the whole long distance thing and got married a year later.

God has been so faithful to the two of us throughout our journey. We've had a ton a fun so far and have definitely faced some challenges but we would have it no other way. We have enjoyed traveling together, going on hiking adventures, sight seeing and trying out different foods. Jaison's a tech loving, handy guy and enjoys photography & gardening and Lejini enjoys cooking, doing crafts, designing & writing. So we thought it would be a great idea to combine our passions and blog together and share our joys of life with you all. We are just starting off on our blogging journey and would love for you all to follow us on our adventure. 
We hope to be informative and entertaining but also honest and real throughout the process.